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Paper Flower Tutorial

Posted on 2nd April, by krystal@sweetaftonstudio.com in Blog. 1 Comment

Paper Flower Tutorial

A few months ago I walked past a fabulous window display at Sephora that was embellished with ivory paper flowers. Since then, I have been eager to decorate with my own paper posies. The poppy pattern below features a design that we used to decorate our booth at a wedding show a few weeks ago. I think this would be a lovely wedding or shower centerpiece.

Recommendations: We used black construction paper for the centers as it is softer and more pliable. For the flower petals, we used a light 20 lb paper – it’s a little softer than card stock and construction paper tore too easily for this part.

Also regular glue could also be used with a lot of patience – but I love how fast hot glue works.

steps 1 through 4 for paper poppies

Step 1: Fold 1×8 inch strip of black paper for the center.
Step 2: Cut a sheet of 8.5×11 black construction paper in half so you have a 8×5.5 piece. Fold in half. Cut fringe to one inch of the fold. Carefully apply hot glue to the bottom of the fringe and wrap fringe around center folded paper (from step one).

steps for making paper poppies
Step 3: Trace around a circle the size that you would like your flower petals to be. I used several different bowls and lids to create various sizes of poppies. Cut around circle leaving a stem as seen on the example. Cut out five petals for each flower. I think it looks best if your cutting is a little loose – so don’t worry about cutting out a perfect circle.
Step 4: Pleat and hot glue center fold to give each petal shape.

final steps for paper poppies
Step 5: Hot glue and wrap three flower petals around flower center. Glue on two remaining petals to fill in gaps.
Step 6: Use floral wire to put a stem on the poppy and wrap the end of the flower and stem with floral tape.

Huge thanks to my mom, Nancy, who perfected the pattern and tirelessly made several displays full of flowers.

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